What Are Child Support Enforcement Agencies?

Today, there are millions of divorced parents across the country. When it comes to divorce and the financial support of children, normally one parent is ordered by the court to pay child support to the other parent with the money being solely used for the care and well being of the child. If a court issues a child support order, it will automatically be filed for enforcement with the State child support enforcement agency. Unfortunately, there are many cases where one parent stops paying child support. This is when child support enforcement agencies can step in to help a parent get the child’s financial support from the parent who is not complying with his or her child support obligations.

There could be a variety of reasons why a parent will stop paying child support. However, when a parent stops making support payments, the other parent has legal options to enforce the child support order. When a parent does not comply with said court order, the child can suffer financial hardship and even emotional stress, leading to negative effects on the child’s well being. As well, taxpayers can also be negatively affected, as the parent who has been receiving the child support payments may have to seek government financial assistance to make up for the loss of support payments.

The recovery power of a child support enforcement agency is broad. Their main goal is to improve the financial security and quality of life of their clients and their children. For instance, instead of salary garnishments, other arrangements can be made with the help of child support enforcement agencies such as automatically debiting a bank account each month or through post dated cheques. In addition, they can often start out with getting the payor’s drivers license suspended. They can even get other types of documents such as passports suspended. At the end of the day, a person who does not pay child support can be tossed in jail.

Child support enforcement agencies have more flexibility when it…

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