What apple iPhone 4S deals offers in UK

Apple iPhone 4S is by now the second best smartphone by apple ranking just behind iPhone 5. Apple released iPhone 4S on October 2011 in USA and many countries of Europe and Asia, being an advanced version of iPhone 4 it was very much liked for its features and became an instant hit selling 4 million units worldwide in just 3 days. Knowing people love for apple, shopping complexes were filled with apple iPhone 4s deals and offers for people to get this newest attraction easily for them. Not only this, many marketing companies provided offers like exchanging old phones with some apple iPhone 4S deals. This gave rise to the no of people buying apple iPhone 4S deals making this smartphone to get all the necessary sales it needed.

Changes in iPhone 4S

Within months of the release of iPhone 4, market saw good drop in the sales, in many top countries like UK, France, Canada, Australia and USA. After a no of interactions with the customer and market, analyst apple decided to come with new version of this phone within months and that started the production of iPhone 4S. This was not so for apple iPhone 4S deals, which sells like hot cakes even today, due to some good changes apple brought in it. Being the updated version of iPhone 4, the changes in the design were very minuet. Major changes were there in the hardware section where dual core apple A5 processor and 512 MB RAM were installed. A much better camera of 8 MP was also put in it. The Graphics got a big boost and a voice recognition service, known as Siri was added.

Battery – A lot of apple iPhone 4S deals were sold because apple replaced the less powerful Li-Po 1420 mAh battery of iPhone 4 with a new powerful built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The iPhone 4S battery has a full 1 hour more talk time in 3G than its predecessor. The iPhone 4 battery was a real let down for apple as it drains off quickly within few hours when many applications were working in the background. Many reviewers also called ‘Apple iPhone 4 battery Sucks’. Apple was quick to realize the faults and replaced the coming 4S with an excellent battery with good talk time of about 8 hours in 3G.

Processor and Camera – People go for apple iPhone 4S deals due to it’s amazing camera and processing power. Both processor and camera got a big boost in iPhone 4S. Processor was changed to dual-core one with A5 chip. Special emphasis was placed on the power saving mode so that the processor works on minimum battery change and…

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