What Alabama’s GOP Senate Frontrunner Told Me Should Scare The Daylights Out Of You

I’ve had the opportunity twice over the past several years to interview the current Alabama GOP Senate frontrunner Roy Moore at length and flesh out some of his, um, ideas. And let me tell you: If elected, this guy will be the kookiest, most dangerous man to serve in the U.S. Senate in many years, not to mention that he’d consistently cause embarrassing media spectacles, as if we don’t have enough of that. 

Moore told me point blank that the U.S. is a “Christian nation” and affirmed the statement that “laws themselves are superseded by God.” He claimed that Islam is “a faith that conflicts with the First Amendment of the Constitution,” and insisted that, even after sodomy laws have been struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court, homosexuality doesn’t “have any kind of public right.”

Moore heads into a runoff in the GOP Senate primary race on Tuesday, leading in polls against incumbent Luther Strange, who was appointed to the Senate seat after Jeff Sessions left it vacant to join the Trump administration, which triggered a special election.

While Donald Trump himself is backing Strange at the urging of the GOP establishment in the Senate, his former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon and Breitbart.com, which Bannon heads once again, are battling Trump on this race, strongly backing Moore. Sarah Palin campaigned for Moore this week in Alabama, proudly opining that, “Roy Moore was deplorable before it was cool to be deplorable.” 

Moore represents the nexus between the hard-right evangelicals who support Trump and the white supremacists that also helped elect Trump.

The “alt-right” is all in, labeling Moore a “disruptor.” That’s code for the very bigotry Moore espouses and which they support, including against Muslims, people of color (Moore recently referred to Native-Americans and Asian-American as “reds” and “yellows,” respectively) and many other groups.

Moore in fact represents the nexus between some of the hard-right evangelicals who support Trump and the white supremacists that also helped elect Trump and whom Trump gave a boost to after Charlottesville. Christian nationalism, as Jack Jenkins, senior religion reporter at Think Progress, explained, is very much among the driving forces in Trump’s base. Moore, as an anti-establishment bigot, is a guy in the mold of Trump. That’s why, according to the Washington Post, Trump had to be convinced by several GOP senators to campaign for Strange this…

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