What 8 Art Fans Wore to a Hamptons Opening

Life as a Runway

Auto Body, a scrappy artist collective in Bellport, N.Y., unveiled a new exhibition this summer. Commissioned by the Parrish Art Museum, the works include cheeky road signs like “Hold Your Horses” and “Takes Two to Canoe,” erected along the traffic-clogged stretch of Montauk Highway between Bellport and Water Mill. To celebrate the project, artists, weekenders and others gathered on Aug. 12 at Bush Farms and Museum.

CreditAlex Welsh for The New York Times

Georgia Read

Age: 27

Profession: Architect, member of Auto Body.

Is that a bathing suit or some kind of onesie?

It’s my white bathing suit. I have to have a couple of white ones, paired with my jumpsuit. I would say this is my farm-beach look.

Why the jumpsuit?

We started in an auto body shop on Main Street in Bellport. That’s how we got our name and our logo and kind of inherited everything about the mechanic’s garage.

And you’re wearing wellies, too.

I’ve been working in the mud. I wear them for anything that involves grasses, because there’s actually a lot of ticks around. So you have to be well covered.

Have you ever gotten a tick bite?


Have you gotten Lyme disease?


CreditAlex Welsh for The New York Times

Josie Danziger

Age: 21

Occupation: Student at Bard College, host at Soho House and Paul’s Casablanca.

What are you doing here?

I’m not part of Auto Body, but I’m their groupie.

Your jeans have a blue flame going up the side.

They’re Sandro jeans. I got them at a super summer sale.

Did you sew on the flame?

No. They came like this.

That’s a very colorful top.

It’s grandmother’s vintage Missoni. From the ’70s.

And you’ve got this cute Coach bag. What could you possibly need a bag for on the farm?

You can actually fit a ton in here. It weighs about 150 pounds.

CreditAlex Welsh for The New York Times

The scene at Bush Farms and Museum in Brookhaven, N.Y.

CreditAlex Welsh for The New York Times

Tyler Healy

Age: 28

Occupation: Member of Auto Body.

You’re wearing white painter pants. That’s going to be huge this fall.

Nice. That sounds good.

Do you wear them all the time?

No, you’re catching me on a rare day. I always wear blue, so if these were blue I’d probably wear them all the time.

Did you design the T-shirts?

Yes. I’m kind of on the graphic department of Auto Body.

Why did you pick yellow?

The sign outside of this location, “Hold Your Horses,” is painted yellow. And we wanted to match. We made yellow stickers, and the yellow information pamphlets. We’re…

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