Wharfedale Technologies Joins Microsoft’s Global Black Belt Team

Azure Global Black Belt Team Partner

Global Black Belt Team is a handpicked selection of highly capable tech pioneers that Microsoft entrusts with its SAP clients’ cloud transformation initiatives

Wharfedale Technologies has joined the ranks of Microsoft’s Global Black Belt Team, dedicated to helping the tech giant’s business clients integrate their business processes with its Azure cloud computing platform.

Wharfedale Technologies is a long-time SAP partner providing cloud technology services to Microsoft clients making the transition into the company’s Azure cloud platform environment.

Wharfedale Technologies‘ part in the Global Black Belt initiative is led by Senior Vice President Praveen Gadura. He is investing the company’s considerable resources into top-down training on Microsoft Azure’s value proposition, working alongside Microsoft’s top SAP executives.

About Microsoft Global Black Belt Team, which is part of a specialist sales team, a group of highly experienced sales and technical professionals, tasked with helping customers and partners accelerate their business transformation by adopting and leveraging new and advanced Microsoft Cloud solutions. This team is comprised of professionals with extraordinary technical acumen and business development skills.

“One of the challenges that many customers see is that it costs a bit of money to do a migration from one place to another. Wharfedale Technologies’ announcement of Zero Down Time Migration…is really going to help customers accelerate their journey through the cloud through Azure.” – Chris Dearing, SAP Partner Solutions Executive, Microsoft

IT infrastructure cloud transitions typically come with risk, and Wharfedale Technologies mitigates that risk by walking clients through the integration process. Businesses rely on Wharfedale to guarantee against the possibility of downtime during transition, eliminating one of the most pressing obstacles to enterprise cloud integration. By partnering with Microsoft, Wharfedale Technologies is now able to generate more complete cloud transition solutions to enterprise clients migrating from an SAP environment to the Azure platform.

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