WetKeys Launches New Waterproof ABS Plastic Computer Keyboard that Looks and Feels Like a Traditional Keyboard to Improve Hand Hygiene Everywhere

KBWKABS104-BK Waterproof Keyboard

We decided to make a great keyboard that anyone would prefer to use because it feels good, works great, and is faster to type with…

WetKeys Washable Keyboards (WetKeys.com), the company that offers easy-to-sanitize, sealed computer keyboards and mice, today launched their new model of professional-grade rigid plastic keyboard specifically designed to improve typing performance yet maintain their standard of waterproof, washable and easy to disinfect computer peripherals. The KBWKABS104-BK full-size computer keyboard with 10-key number pad is the company’s first traditional-looking keyboard designed to be used by “Everyone, Everywhere” when an ordinary rigid plastic keyboard might be preferred.

“We decided to make a great keyboard that anyone would prefer to use because it feels good, works great, and is faster to type with so that you can just get on with your work without even noticing that it’s waterproof, washable and helps prevent the spread of germs,” stated David Malo, Chief Technology Officer of WetKeys. “Our entire line of waterproof computer input devices was originally created for special uses such as medical, dental, food processing and industrial or outdoor applications, but this new keyboard is a better choice for everywhere you’d need to do a lot of typing as in law firms, government offices, schools, call centers, research facilities, or even at home. Keyboards in each of these areas still need to be washed and sanitized regularly to keep users healthy.”

“Upon first using the keyboard, one notices the unusually smooth, quiet key travel action and the traditional layout; no odd key placement requiring the user to re-learn high-speed touch typing, it feels instantly familiar yet better,” said Kevin Meadows, Technical Sales Support at WetKeys. “Modern keyboards keep getting smaller, thinner and cheaper-looking, but this one maintains the ‘heft’ that makes it feel substantial and stay put on your desk – it’s obvious this keyboard will last a very long time.”

Key attributes of the KBWKABS104-BK keyboard include:

  • Quiet, short travel keys for faster typing and less disruption in open office environments

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