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Twenty-four year old Jim Decicco moved into a WeLive apartment building in Crystal City, Virginia with his two younger brothers after college.
“These guys have furniture, they have shaving equipment, they have Wi-Fi, they have TVs. It’s too good to be true for the price. And we moved in right away. We felt the community aspect of it. It was like we’re still in college. We’re fresh out of school. And this was like dorm room living for adults, except everybody shared this sort of energy and ambition, which was contagious. And I said, after one month of living there, I said we’re never moving, like we got it, we have to live at WeLive forever.”
WeLive is a subsidiary of WeWork, a shared-office space company. It’s based on the same idea. But instead of offices, people share apartments. WeLive launched a year ago with one building in Crystal City and another on Wall Street in Manhattan.
That’s where the Decicco brothers moved into recently. They struck a deal. WeLive lets them stay in a three-bedroom apartment for a year in exchange for supplying its convenince stores with bottled coffee from their company, Sunniva.
But the brothers are the exception. The rest of the the tennants pay market price: $1900 per person for a bedroom in a shared apartment or $3,050 for a private studio.
Head of WeLive, James Woods, says it’s a fair market price, and a good deal for all the ammenities and the opportunities to make connections.
“We think that there’s a great opportunity to provide community to people’s apartment living, and, with WeLive, we’ve really focused on making the experience very easy for our members.”
Marcus Moufarrige runs a company similar to WeWork called Servcorp and has…

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