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It’s ‘new year, new you’ time and thousands of Britons will be undertaking a healthy eating weight loss regime – but what should you be filling your shopping basket with? 

Rob Hobson, a registered nutritionist and author of the The Detox Kitchen Bible, has revealed the products you should be stocking up on. 

Co-author of new ‘Cheats and Eats Lifestyle Programme’ book, Rob explains what key essentials to buy and why they could help you to achieve your weight loss goals.


These nutrition nuggets are loaded with protein and will keep you feeling full between meals and contain a wide range of essential micronutrients including B vits and magnesium that are required to convert food into energy. 

Eggs are versatile and economical and can be used to make many dishes such as omelets or breakfast options 

Canned tuna

The ultimate protein quick-fix and can be used to make many dishes.  Canned tuna is very versatile and can be added to ready bought sauces, salads or teamed with canned pulses for a quick nutritious meal.  Protein helps to keep you feeling full between meals.

Herbs and spices

Flavour is important when preparing healthy meals and establishing a collection of spices is the perfect way to make meal times more interesting.

Spices can be used to make dressings, rubs, pastes or simply added to canned chopped tomatoes or stock to create a base for any dish. If you’re not sure how to use individual spices then go for blends such as curry powder, chilli powder or mixed dry herbs.  Sweet spices are good to and can be added to hot drinks, smoothies, yoghurt, porridge or fresh fruit.

Fresh herbs are also brilliant to lift the flavour of any dish. Keep a collection in the fridge and use liberally.  The easiest to play with are coriander, chives, parsley, mint and dill.

Lemons and limes

Another flavour essential. You can squeeze these citrus juices into many dishes or on lean proteins and fish to add flavour. They are also a great alternative to salad dressings by combining with olive oil, low fat Greek yoghurt, herbs or spices.

Canned pulses and ready-made grains

Canned pulses are a great way to add fibre and protein to your diet to retain fullness between meals. You can add pulses to nearly all savoury dishes from salads to one-pot cooking and they also make great homemade dips.

Ready-made grains are also a great essential as quick and easy to prepare by either heating up or using straight from the pack.  These come in a range of whole grains such as barley,…

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