Website Maintenance Tools – Advantages of Using These Tools

It is essential to maintain an existing website to make sure that the links are functioning right or the content is error free. The right tools definitely make maintenance of website much easier rather than manually checking for every details and correction to error. With the proper website maintenance tools one can include pictures or text, update content on the website and fix rot links. A website owner has several options that are available to him that will help him with this job.

With the proper tools the webmaster or the website designer who is a professional can make sure as well as understand how to maintain a profitable website. Tools definitely help lower the cost of maintaining a website and are an efficient way to make required changes to the website. These tools also make the website compatible to be viewed on PDA’s and different technological devices that are hand held and are much popular in these times.

Tools such as the Link Check Tool are popularly used by webmaster’s that help them check if the link on the website is not a rot link. Each link on the website is checked and a detailed report of all of them can be compiled. It also gives regular warnings about directory redirects and HTTP redirects. If one want to find if the webpage has any bad tags, then tools such as the HTML check and repair tool is used which also checks if there is any syntax error in the code. It creates a report of all the mistakes in the code and corrects them automatically, at the same time checking the appearance of the page with that of the uncorrected version.

It is also possible to check if the website is compatible with different browsers. Different browsers respond differently to HTML tags, the tool makes sure that errors are taken care off since it automatically repairs them and makes it viewable in all browsers. Any website increases in size if there are too many applications or heavy pictures that are included in it.

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