Weatherization Tips for Punta Gorda

If you’re following along with our informative blog, you might have realized by now that home energy efficiency is key to living a greener lifestyle. By cutting back on the amount of traditional energy you use or investing in green energy alternatives to power your living space, you’re directly impacting the environment. Weatherization is the key to keeping your home from wasting energy, so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with a few weatherization tips for Punta Gorda:


Insulate Properly: Proper insulation is something every home should have for a couple of reasons. The biggest reason is to prevent your home’s regulated air from flowing into unused living spaces. When your heating and cooling system has to work harder because air keeps escaping, you’re wasting energy that doesn’t need even be used. And, when you use this unnecessary energy, you’re also raising your own costs per month. Nobody likes to pay for something that they don’t need! This is definitely one of the weatherization tips for Punta Gorda that will save you money, as well as energy.


Install Aerators: Aerators are one of the best things you can do in terms of weatherizing your home through your water system. People tend not to realize approximately how much water is wasted when they turn on the faucet. Sure, you might use the water coming out, but how much of it goes down the drain, unused? An aerator on your faucet will remedy this by allowing less water though, but still enough for you to use your sinks properly. It cuts down on water waste and creates a sustainable living trend in your home.


Use Energy Efficient Lighting: Energy efficient lighting is becoming a common practice in most homes. As with most of our weatherization tips for Punta Gorda homes, this one focuses on conserving the amount of electricity that you waste each day. Options like CFL light bulbs or efficiency fixtures use less energy and offer the same optimal lighting qualities as a traditional bulb. Use these greener lighting alternatives virtually anywhere in your home for best results


Use Chimney Balloons: Chimney balloons are something that people might not be familiar with, but nevertheless should take advantage of. These balloons are placed in your chimney to help block escaping air, which contributes to heating and cooling loss within your home. If your home has a fireplace, consider using a chimney balloon to conserve your regulated air when it’s not in use.



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