We rank 8 Knott’s Scary Farm mazes for scares, surprises and, yes, clowns – Orange County Register

What better way to get warmed up and creeped-out for Halloween than to make your way through the latest offering of mazes at Knott’s Scary Farm? Of the three new mazes, two are superb treks into the psychologically dark, morbid and gory world of horror.

Here is how our team of brave maze explorers ranked eight of the mazes. We graded on a scale of 1 to 5 skulls, with 5 being the top rating.

Trick or Treat

One of the new mazes for this year, Trick or Treat is a great way to embark on your journey to the dark side. You are given a flashlight and invited into the Green Witch’s haunted home. Rows of jack o’ lanterns greet you as you wander down a corridor decorated with spooky masks. Are these masks all that remain of earlier visitors? It gets dark inside and the flashlights may or may not help, but judicious use of them may reveal some surprises. This is a superb journey into psychological horror and will set off your jump-scares meter.

Rating: 5 skulls.

Dark Ride

Another of the new mazes. Clowns are hot right now, so Dark Ride seizes upon that. The…

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