Ways To Stop Sweaty Palms

Sweaty palms usually cause embarrassment for sufferers. Many people choose to have surgery to stop their hands from sweating but there are many cheaper, easier ways to cure the problem effectively. Here are some tips that you can consider to get rid of sweaty palms.

1. Soak your hands in tea

This is one of the ways that many people use to stop their palms from sweating. The tannins found in all tea contains astringency that helps shrink pores and reduce sweating. It works well to dry the skin and keep it soft, smooth and pleasant smelling. Therefore, you can steep five tea bags in a large bowl filled with 1 qt. of warm water. Then you wait for the liquid to cool down and soak your hands in it for 15 to 30 minutes. Repeat this procedure each night. It can take a bit of effort but the results will be worth it.

2. Use an antiperspirant

Another way to stop sweaty palms are using an antiperspirant that also works well to control underarm wetness. You should not choose a deodorant but an aluminum chlorohydrate based product, which many find to be effective. Although this might not work for excessive cases, it can greatly help control the embarrassing wetness.

3. Sprinkle your hands with cornstarch

Apart from soaking your hands in tea and applying an antiperspirant, you can control sweating with cornstarch, one of the most absorbent natural products. This powder may be useful in absorbing light sweat aside from talcum powder, baby powder and baking soda. You can sprinkle your palms with this powder and keep reapplying to temporarily absorb the sweat. Remember to wash and dry your hands before applying this natural remedy.

4. Stay away from certain foods and drinks

You are what you eat. So you need to avoid some certain foods such as onions, garlic or any other spicy foods because they make the sweating and odor worse. Additionally, you should also stay away from junk food as it has many toxins and your body will have to sweat more to eliminate all of these toxins….

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