Ways to Make Running sports Better and interesting

The hidden joy of running can not be skilled simply, and it can be more difficult if you just run once in a while. If you want to feel the deeper fun from running, you have to run four days a week, and 40 minutes to 1 hour a day. Only by running that much time, the conspicuous hypnosis tempo of running could lead us into a state that could hypnotize. Their body would stay in a purifying condition owing to the quiet mental world. Besides, it would become a perfect world from inner hearts to outside world in their minds.
Nonetheless, people who insist on running like me, have to admit that small number of people do not have the conditions for running at all. People’s body structure is not the reason. Some people could run fruitfully, even though they have big bones. I think it really reflects a kind of temperament. And this kind of temperament makes people could hardly bear the meditation coming from running. Doctor Mall has done great efforts on advising his patients to run. But even he, who dedicates himself to running, still does not get much achievement. He told me, “I have tried all the ways that I could imagine, but my records are still very bad”.
It does not matter that how old or strong or capable you are, all the people could take part in the line of running. But we have to admit that most runners show out their conspicuous traits. And these decide if you are fit for running or not.
There would be some changes in your inner mind. Maybe you think the life you live right now should be like the old days. Perhaps you hope that you could live a better life with less sleep. Besides, running changes your feelings when you were in a big party.
We turn out to be runners because of many separate reasons. When you are over weight, running could be an efficient way to keep lean. Most of us believe in running because running would bring us healthier body condition. But not all the people will keep on running because it would do some harm to our body some times. Such as…

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