Ways and Means to Save on Costs of Printer Ink

Most of the offices and companies today print hundreds of pages every day. Printer ink suddenly has become a valuable commodity and we seem to be spending a lot on it! Especially with the current economy in doldrums and markets experiencing a downward trend for the longest time, costs are getting cut in every company in every way possible. Printer ink seems like an everyday common commodity but some companies are using it way too much and some companies are not maintaining it properly. Either way, the result is the same – unnecessary expenditure on excess ink.

One of the easiest ways to save cost on printer ink is to print less. If we actually take stock of how many papers we print, edit, throw in the dust bin and print all over again – the number is astonishing. Here are a few key rules to help in reducing the number of documents we print more than once. Editing, tough to catch everything, but if we edit our document before we print it, it should help reduce our count. Second, Use the “print preview” option, check if the document fits on the pages they way we want it to. By following these rules, the actual number of print outs will reduce drastically, saving supplies. These two simple rules can save your company money.

For advanced uses, here are some additional options. Most printers today, have an option setting of “save ink”. Make sure it is turned on at ALL times. This feature is less bold than the normal setting but it helps in reducing ink consumption considerably. Choose a suitable font style, face and size to save ink. Certain styles and size use less ink than others.

A more obvious solution is to check you pricing and quality, OEM ink prices are high. A great solution is a top grade, top ink and toner quality, true tested remanufactured cartridge. All are not created equal. At 123inkFast we offer the highest quality product on every front, and prove it through independent testing. You can save up to half your current cost, Go Green with…

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