Watch: UW’s Markelle Fultz talks about big matchup against No. 11 UCLA and Lonzo Ball

One freshman point guard phenom dishes on another, ahead of their showdown on Saturday.

Washington freshman guard Markelle Fultz spent a few minutes Friday previewing Saturday’s matchup with No. 11 UCLA.

The game features an enticing battle between Fultz and Bruins freshman Lonzo Ball, two players considered top 3 picks in this summer’s NBA draft.

Here is most of what Fultz had to say during today’s interview.

(Do you know Lonzo Ball?) “I met him a couple of times at camps and stuff like that. We’re not really, really close, but we know each other.”

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(At McDonald’s All-Star Game) “Yeah.”

(On how do you treat those big matches) “I don’t really worry about them. I worry about more the team. If I do that (everything) will take care of itself. That’s mostly what I do with everything that goes on. I don’t ever worry about myself. I’m more worried about doing what I can do for the team to win. And usually if I do that, it makes myself look even better.”

(More on Ball) “He’s a great player. He’s a good point guard. He can pass the ball really well. He can score the ball. He sees the game good. So I got a lot of respect for him.”

(On Wednesday’s tough practice) “I think we were mad that we had the lead and we felt good about it and then we didn’t come out with the W at the end. Just seeing the improvement that we had in the last couple of games and to go up on them at halftime and to not come out with the W was frustrating. At least we know we’re improving. And we know what we need to do. We just got to work on finishing games now. Going into practice we just focused on that and just really focused on ourselves and becoming a better team and finishing games.”

(On improving against UCLA) “I don’t think it’ll be hard. With our team, we’re talented….

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