Washington State’s Mike Leach rips into his offensive line, also explains Cougars RB rotation

Mike Leach says his offensive line got pushed around by Boise State and “that’s disgraceful.” He also explains why Gerard Wicks only got one carry, and dismisses rumors about Arkansas being interested in hiring him

Last year, it was the inside receivers who attracted Mike Leach’s ire after Washington State lost to Boise State and the coach said they got “kicked around” by former Broncos linebacker Tanner Vallejo.

This year, as the 21st-ranked Cougars get ready for their Pac-12 opener against Oregon State this Saturday, it was the offensive line’s turn to get excoriated by Leach for their performance against Boise State.

To Leach, it didn’t really matter that the result was different and the Cougars won.

“They just don’t mind getting their (behinds) kicked,” Leach said of his offensive line during his weekly press conference on Monday. “You can’t shake the fact that Boise State’s defensive line played harder than our offensive line. That’s disgraceful. We’ve got to change that.”

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So what exactly did the Broncos do to give WSU’s offensive line trouble?

Boise State was “lining up and just whipping them,” Leach said.

“Pick whoever you think our best offensive lineman is. If there was a fight to the death and you were to clean out this room and there were no rules whatsoever to be applied, pick out your favorite of our offensive line, whoever you think happens to be the toughest,” Leach said. “Whoever is the softest on the Boise State defensive line, you bring him here, and all that’s left of our offensive lineman is a grease spot in the end.

“Because that Boise State defensive lineman will smoke our offensive lineman so bad it’ll be embarrassing.”

He wasn’t done.

“Boise State isn’t the only defensive line that’s beat up on them. I thought the Montana State defensive line beat up on them too,” Leach said.

The Cougars’ offensive line gave up five sacks against Boise State – two on Luke Falk and three on backup quarterback Tyler Hilinski. WSU also had difficulty running the ball, with starting running back James Williams averaging 2.2 yards on 14 carries. Jamal Morrow, the co-starter at running back, managed a more respectable 5.5 yards per attempt, but he only got four carries.

Morrow did, however, score both the equalizing touchdown that sent the game into overtime, and the game-winning touchdown in…

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