Wasatch Front Ice Cream Tour — sixth stop: Wasatch Creamery

Blake Wilde

Wasatch Creamery ice cream is currently available at the Salt Lake Farmers Market.

SALT LAKE CITY — Wasatch Creamery specializes in small batches of artisan ice cream.

The company’s menu consists of more than 40 flavors of ice cream that are made a gallon at a time, according to the company’s website, and use only basic ingredients.

“Every gallon of our ice cream starts with milk, cream, sugar and eggs, no preservatives or artificial flavors, just the best ingredients we can get our hands on,” according to wasatchcreamery.com.

We gave Wasatch Creamery a 3 out of 4 scoops.

The company doesn’t have a storefront but instead sells its product at farmer’s markets along the Wasatch Front. While it is unfortunate that this makes the ice cream less accessible on a daily basis, the format is a large part of what gives Wasatch Creamery its appeal and preserves the quality of its product.

I visited Wasatch Creamery at the Salt Lake Farmers Market on a busy Saturday morning and was immediately drawn to its simple charm. Tucked away on the east side of the market, the booth features a wooden cart, a handwritten chalkboard menu and baskets for spoons and cups.

Flavors listed on the website as being part of the company’s repertoire come in six groups: The Favorites (such as vanilla bean, chocolate and strawberry), Rich and Dreamy (such as salted caramel and Darkest Chocolate with More Chocolate), Herb-a-licious (such as ginger with white chocolate and rosemary), Fresh and Bright (such as orange blossom and lemon), Fun and Funky (such as maple-bacon and Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries) and Seasonal (such as strawberry rhubarb and pumpkin pie).

Although not every flavor is available at each farmer’s market, a wide variety was represented at the Salt Lake Farmers Market, including blackberry and basil, ginger-lime, brown butter and fresh mint chip. The flavors were on the fancy side, but not totally inaccessible, and included flavors children would enjoy…

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