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Fake drugs

American prosecutors accuse CanadaDrugs.com and its CEO Kris Thorkelson of selling unapproved and counterfeit cancer drugs to U.S. doctors. (CBC)

Six Canadians are accused of selling cancer drugs online. The problem? The vials they sold actually contained cornstarch and acetone but no active ingredients.

The group is accused of illegally selling $78-million worth of unapproved, misbranded and counterfeit drugs to American doctors. However, the online pharmacy still has a licence in Manitoba.

Warning: Cheese

If there was a stop sign on your snacks, would you eat healthier? New warning labels might be coming to the packaging of foods that are high in salt, sugar or saturated fat.

The dairy industry isn’t too happy about the proposal because it would put labels on the front of products like cheese and yogurt.

Ads bumped from airports

Flight Claim will help you get compensation from airlines if your flight is delayed, cancelled or overbooked. But don’t expect to see ads for the new company in an airport.

The company’s ads were abruptly pulled from the Montreal airport this week, and Toronto’s Pearson airport turned them down flat.

Is Air Canada one of the best?

A new survey just ranked Air Canada as the best airline in North America. Another placed Air Canada near the bottom of the list. Which to believe?

“It’s about methodology. It’s about the assumptions the researchers make and the design of the study,” said one pollster.

Pay off your mortgage at your peril

Nadim Kara says he feels his mortgage lender did not give him all the information he needed to know about breaking his mortgage. (Craig Chivers/CBC)

Turns out, your mortgage contract may not tell you what you’ll be charged to break your mortgage.

One Toronto man did his due diligence, reading all the paperwork, and calling…

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