War, UN Secretary-General Selection Process, De fact Refugees in Central America, & More

Ethics & International Affairs Journal, Summer 2017 Issue

Ethics & International Affairs aims to close the gap between theory and practice by publishing essays that integrate rigorous thinking about principles of justice and morality into discussions of practical dilemmas.

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is pleased to announce the publication of the Summer 2017 issue of its quarterly journal “Ethics & International Affairs.”

This issue contains a special section on legitimate authority, war, and the ethics of rebellion, with contributions from Christopher J. Finlay, Jonathan Parry, and Pål Wrange; essays by Yvonne Terlingen on reforming the UN secretary-general selection process and by Celia Medrano on de facto refugees in the Northern Triangle of Central America; a feature by Lior Erez on motivating soldiers to fight in cosmopolitan wars; a review essay on international security norms by Denise Garcia; and book reviews by Don Scheid and Jochen Prantl.


A Better Process, a Stronger UN Secretary-General: How Historic Change Was Forged and What Comes Next[Full Text]

Yvonne Terlingen

Securing Protection for De Facto Refugees: The Case of Central America’s Northern Triangle

Celia Medrano


Pro Mundo Mori? The Problem of Cosmopolitan Motivation in War

Lior Erez


Introduction [Full text]

Christopher J. Finlay, Jonathan Parry, and Pål Wrange

Legitimate Authority and the Ethics of War: A Map of the Terrain

Jonathan Parry

Does Who Matter? Legal Authority and the Use of Military Violence

Pål Wrange

The Perspective of the Rebel: A Gap in the Global Normative Architecture

Christopher J. Finlay


Shifting International Security…

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