Want Healthy and Strong Teeth?

It is high time for us to understand that by hardly brushing our teeth twice a day is not enough to have strong teeth. If there is any defect with our teeth then our life becomes miserable. The outer layer known as the Enamel is the white coating and it keeps the inner parts intact. Pulp, Cementum and Dentin are the next inner yellow layer and each time we brush our teeth we hardly clean our enamel but the inner parts are left unattended. Importantly they require some vitamins to keep them in shape and healthy.


Human teeth are basically multipurpose that means we can eat vegetables and meat both with them. Since they are of diversified nature then merely they require proper maintenance and care.

Fleet Dentists advice the residents of Fleet to understand that. there are basically five Vitamins that are required to keep the teeth healthy and strong. They are as follows:-

1. Vitamin A: Beef, eggs, liver, salmon, shrimp, fortified milk, cheddar cheese and Swiss cheese.

2. Vitamin C: Bell peppers, broccoli, potatoes, spinach and fruits and fruit juices (especially citrus). Studies have revealed that people who consume less of Vitamin C tend to be 25% more likely to suffer from gum disease.

3. Vitamin D: Fortified cereals, fortified milk, fatty fish (helps absorb Calcium).

4. Calcium: Cheese, fortified juices, milk, tofu, salmon, sardines with bones, yogurt, and leafy green vegetables (including broccoli and kale, but not spinach or Swiss chard, which have binders that lessen absorption). 99% of the calcium in your body is your bones and your teeth. Dietary calcium is needed to make sure they’re in good shape.

5. Phosphorus: Almonds, broccoli, eggs, dairy products, green peas, fish, liver, meat, milk, potatoes, and poultry. Vitamins are basically required to supplement your diet protocols. If you are not using fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet then you must surely use these as the supplements. These are very important to keep your teeth healthy and strong.


Immediately after brushing your teeth, stroke your gums with your clean fingers in a circular manner as suggested by the Fleet Dentists. This enhances circulation of blood and makes gums in good shape. For good oral care brush in the morning and evening, floss each day and visit the dentist twice per…

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