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Q. I’ve got several pieces of outdoor furniture that need to be sanded and repainted. I’m getting conflicting recommendations from a handyman I know, from each supposed expert I talk to at the local national chain hardware stores and the apron-wearing giant big box warehouse sales associates. The last time I painted the bench, following advice from a big box store, it lasted but two years. I live in the high desert of Arizona and realize that it’s a harsh environment, but shouldn’t I get more than two years out of a finish?

A. I hear you loud and clear about the free advice you get from all those experts at your local businesses. If you could read the email I receive, you’d quickly discover that many others all across the USA are very frustrated with the quality of the advice they receive from the sales associates.

Here’s the mistake most consumers make when they talk with a salesperson at a local hardware store, paint store or giant big-box retailer. They forget that the power is always in the question. At some point in the conversation with the sales associate, you always must ask this very simple and valid question: “Before you came to work at this fine business, can you tell me what you did professionally to accumulate your knowledge about this product and how’s it’s used?”

It’s a valid question because you’re about to part with your hard-earned money and very valuable time. Why waste both hoping you get the best advice?

If the sales associate says, “Oh, I retired from working my entire life as a paper salesman and thought it would be fun to work here,” then you know what to do. The same is true if the sales associate is a part-time college student or some other young person. How much life experience could that person possibly have with using products professionally?

Enough about all that. Let’s talk about paints and outdoor wood furniture. I’ve got some very good news for you. I just went online and searched for Tuscon sign…

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