Wanna Be Fit: Walk Instead of Drive for Your Health

Walking Sticks

According to famous quote “Of all exercises walking is the best” Walking gets the feet moving, the blood moving, the mind moving and movement is life. It is good for solving problem and it’s like the feet are little psychiatrists. Elder care simply means caring for aging individuals. Elder care is the fulfillment of the needs and requirements that are unique to senior citizens. It is a device which is used to facilitate balancing when you walk.

The ideal height of the stick should be the height of one’s wrist when standing straight. These sticks are made up of either wood or metal such as aluminum. Plastic is also used but it is not recommended as these are more prone to wear and tear. It can help to distribute the weight onto the stick and provide relieve to knees and ankles. It reduces stress on weak joints and soreness. Some other benefits include reducing stress on your back during a hike. Since walking accessories assist in distributing weight evenly, it also helps you walk faster. It can help you in burning more calories during long walk. If you can walk reasonably well but just need a support, it could be the best mobility aid for you. The purposes of using it are as follows:

  • To make sure you are more stable while you walk.
  • To make sure you must feel stable while you are simply standing.
  • To facilitate your balance while you are walking and standing.
  • To improve feeling of safety and security.
  • To provide assistance to walker during difficult terrain.
  • Some precautions are necessary while you use sticks are:
  • It is recommended to wear sensible shoes and do not wear high heels.
  • One should beware of ice and slippery surface.

Be careful on escalators and boarding trains as sometimes stick can get stuck in the gaps.

It improves stability and balance when you walk over uneven surfaces, various obstacles or objects can make it difficult to maintain your balance, such as when you walk on soft or loose dirt. It helps stabilize your body and…

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