Wanaka Outdoors Launches the Adapt Adventure Daypack, the Most Functional Adventure Bag on the Market

After years of living out of a suitcase, and racing around the world twice on the CBS television show “The Amazing Race”, Connor O’Leary realized what elements he wanted in his perfect daypack, so he set out to make it happen.

“I had a lot of really expensive bags. As a professional cyclist and travel ambassador for some large brands, I had my pick of the best bags on the market, but none of them really did it for me. I ultimately decided that I would create my own. My goal was to build a packable daypack that was compact, traveled well, and was comfortable and sturdy enough for everyday adventures.”

O’Leary used the rudimentary sewing skills he learned while undergoing chemotherapy treatment for a cancer diagnosis to create and test his concept.

“I learned to sew during cancer treatment. It was a low output hobby that challenged me creatively. When I set out to build a backpack, I started the only way I really knew how… I started picking and pulling elements from bags that I loved, and started stitching them together.”

O’Leary admits the first prototype was less than perfect, but he knew the function was there.

“That first prototype was super scrappy, but it functioned really well, and I started using that bag more than any other daypack I owned. That is when I thought that maybe I should explore bringing this thing to market.

O’Leary ultimately teamed up with his best friend and adventure buddy Boman Farrer, who has experience in design and manufacturing. Together they flew halfway across the world and worked with the some of the best technical backpack manufacturers to refine and improve upon O’Leary’s first prototype. Now, 100’s of hours and 11 prototypes later they have a polished multi-functional daypack that they are bringing to the Kickstarter community.

The Wanaka Adventure Pack is more than just a 24 Liter packable daypack, really it is an adventure system built to enhance travel and adventure.

Most packable daypacks on the market are essentially a piece of Nylon with no structure or frame. They don’t carry well, and are extremely uncomfortable. O’Leary and Farrer changed that. They incorporated an inflatable air frame that provides even weight distribution with just a few breaths of air, allowing the bag to pack into its own fanny pack, or act…

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