USA TODAY Sports’ Nicole Auerbach breaks down the ‘wakeyleaks’ scandal.

College football always gives us plenty to chew on, but this time, it might have outdone itself.

Have you heard the one about the former Wake Forest assistant football coach-turned-radio announcer who allegedly leaked details about the Demon Deacons’ upcoming game plans to its opponents?

It’s crazy. It’s also true. The announcer, Tommy Elrod, who played football at Wake Forest in the 1990s, has been fired, and Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich has confirmed that Elrod gave secrets to his team this season.

The questions and concerns Elrod leaves behind are numerous, and troubling. Were students, alumni, fans, sponsors and all the participants on the field duped into believing they were watching (or playing in) an honest competition, when they perhaps were not? Did Elrod, who headed to the broadcast booth after being fired in 2013, mete out a unique form of revenge on the athletic department that got rid of him?

Did Wake lose games it might have won had Elrod not had open access to practices and playbooks? Did he do it for money or a future job at another school?

And, what about the student-athletes themselves? As Winston-Salem Journal columnist Scott Hamilton appropriately asks: “How many of the 91 times battered quarterback John Wolford was sacked were at least assisted by a little inside information?”

It’s all concerning, and it was made worse Wednesday afternoon when Jurich dropped his bombshell that Elrod did give “a few plays” to Louisville’s offensive coordinator Lonnie Galloway over the phone the week of their November game, which Louisville won 44-12.

“Among the communication were a few plays that were sent and then shared with our defensive staff,” Jurich said…