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Yair Frenkel

The weather is heating up and the days are getting longer, providing the perfect opportunity to spend time outdoors. Home and business owners should be aware that the summer months provide more than warmer temperatures that are perfect for BBQ’s and trips to the lake. In fact, mechanical locks and keys can be negatively affected from direct exposure to the sun. When it comes to the security of homes and commercial properties, it is important to contact a professional locksmith service to avoid the risk of lockout problems and break-ins. The knowledgeable locksmiths at TX Premier Locksmith recommend professional lock installation and service. Owner, Yair Frenkle said “The effects of the heat in Texas during the summer can have disastrous effects on locking mechanisms if they are not properly installed and serviced by a professional locksmith.”

Are You Experiencing Swelling Doors this Summer?

It is not uncommon for property owners to experience issues with jammed locks on exterior doors and windows during the heat of summer. As the temperatures rise the frames begin to expand which can result in locks becoming stuck in one position leaving the property owner struggling to secure the lock. The same theory applies as the frames contract during the cooler evening temperatures. This is particularly common with deadbolt locks which can become compressed within the door as the door frame begins to swell resulting in the bolt making contact with the doorframe instead of inserting into the housing of the locking device. Keep in mind that these types of issues can also occur with metal door hinges and weather stripping that is attached to the door.

Preventive Locksmith Measures

The first preventive measure is to contact a…

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