Vü Filters Joins with Benro to Announce Benro Master Series Filters and Filter Holder Systems

We are very excited about our expanded offering of drop-in filter systems including the new ultra wide-angle lens system that will now be available. The build quality on these is extraordinary.

Introducing Benro Master Series Square Filter Holder Systems

Every Benro Master Series Filter Holder is precision machined from high-quality aluminum and hand-assembled with a significant level of care and attention to detail. Their patented control ring allows for circular polarizers to rotate independently of the filter holder when they are set into place. Benro Master Series Filter Holder Systems are available in 4 sizes to accommodate the wide range of cameras and lenses available today.

75mm Filter Holder System

The perfect choice for photographers and filmmakers using mirror-less cameras.

100mm Filter Holder System

The most versatile filter holder system for of photographers and filmmakers using APS and Full-Frame Sensor DSLRs.

150mm Filter Holder System

Ideal for the growing number of photographers and filmmakers using super wide telephoto lenses from Canon, Nikon, Sigma and Tamron.

170mm Filter Holder System

A specially designed filter holder system for content creators working with ultra-wide Canon lenses.

“We are very excited about our expanded offering of filter holder systems and are looking forward to addressing the needs of content creators by accommodating the lenses and cameras they are using,” said Brenda Hipsher, Brand Manager.

Introducing High-quality Neutral Density, Reverse ND, and Graduated ND Filters for Benro Master Series Filter Holder Systems

Carefully crafted and specially coated to withstand the elements, our collection of square filters provides photographers with everything they need to create beautiful…

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