VOMO Launches Platform for Organizations to Mobilize Volunteers

We’re working to power a global volunteer movement by mobilizing a new force of volunteers in the corporate world and beyond.

Today, organizations seeking support for volunteer and corporate social responsibility initiatives will gain access to an invaluable new resource with the launch of VOMO. VOMO is an intuitive volunteer management software platform providing a complete suite of tools needed to initiate and coordinate volunteer projects, connect to community causes, and measure and amplify the impact of volunteering. The platform makes it effortless for businesses, non-profit organizations and regional governments to mobilize volunteers, with dedicated VOMO support available at every stage of planning.

At launch, VOMO already counts numerous public and private organizations among its customers including the city of Port Aransas, TX; religious and secular service organizations such as Meals on Wheels Collin County and Q Ideas; businesses like Benchmark Mortgage, Modern Message, and Nature Nate’s; and over 200 nonprofit organizations around the United States.

“We’re working to power a global volunteer movement by mobilizing a new force of volunteers in the corporate world and beyond,” comments VOMO founder Rob Peabody. “The modern workforce is evolving, driven by a rising demand to contribute to more than just an employer’s bottom line, and to extend those contributions beyond the workplace. VOMO helps organizations and individuals meet this demand, creating programs that have a measurable impact in the community, and that support a growing culture of giving.”

Peabody pioneered an early version of the platform to help churches organize volunteers, and the new VOMO platform launches with a polished user experience and improved features designed to support volunteer organizers and integrate coordination best practices, including:


VOMO adapts to organizations or groups of any size. Organizers can choose an easy DIY setup or complete, hands-on guidance from a VOMO Concierge, a dedicated support professional that customizes every aspect of the onboarding process and makes personalized referrals to causes.


VOMO’s powerful organizer dashboard is complemented by a…

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