Vitamin T and Aquent Celebrate Gymnasium’s 4-Year Anniversary

Vitamin T and Aquent are in celebration mode. August marks the 4-year anniversary of Aquent Gymnasium, a free online platform that provides online courses to digital, creative, and communications professionals all over the world. Beginning with a single course in the summer of 2013, Gymnasium has grown to offer more than 20 courses and issued more than 6,000 earned certificates to digital creative professionals.

As world leaders in creative and marketing staffing, Aquent and Vitamin understand the need for real-world skills essential to the digital industry. According to Aquent Gymnasium Academic Director Jeremy Osborn, “We launched Gymnasium with a simple mission: to deliver the highest-quality, and most practical, skills-based training to our students and to connect successful learners with work opportunities.”

Aquent Gymnasium Program Director Andrew Miller added, “Our curriculum is shaped by industry data. Coursework is created with client input; and projects and assignments are designed to teach real-world skills.”

Change plays a perpetual role in the field of digital technology. As digital professionals grow in their careers, they quickly become aware that they lack training and experience in newly-developed skill sets. As Miller asserted, “The constantly evolving technical landscape continues to expose new skill gaps, simultaneously providing new challenges and new opportunities for our students. Our task is to prepare our audience to take advantage of those opportunities.” The fundamental goal of Gymnasium is to help creative professionals advance their careers.

Because Gymnasium was launched by and maintained by Aquent, students have access to specialized placement services through both Aquent and Vitamin T for meaningful work opportunities around the globe. Vitamin T president, Susie Hall adds, “One of our guiding principles is continual learning, and in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, adaptability and ongoing education are critical skills for our talent.”

Even though Gymnasium has continually expanded its offerings and improved its technology, it is still committed to offering its online courses free of charge. The only cost to students is the time and effort required to earn each course’s…

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