VisualSP Announces Walk-Thru Capabilities for its Help System for SharePoint and Office 365

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“Real learning takes place when you’ve got information available just when you’re about to do a task – in context. Most people forget what they learn in training classes…” Susan Hanley – Microsoft MVP

VisualSP, a pioneer in SharePoint end user training, continues to add to its flagship VisualSP Help System for SharePoint by embedding tooltip-style guidance and alerts. The Walk-Thru feature provides task-related training or role-specific information inside any SharePoint environment. Administrators can select out-of-the-box training content and upload enterprise training content and policy information to share with employees.

A Walk-Thru is made up of “bubbles” that contain instructions and navigation buttons. SharePoint training snippets appear on the screen at various locations, instructing users on how to work with key web parts in the work environment. Users accept the information by moving to the next step in the Walk-Thru or exiting the prompt.

The Walk-Thru tool can also be used to maintain enterprise governance by delivering policy information as users are working in SharePoint. Used by companies in regulated industries such as finance, energy, healthcare, and government to distribute compliance-related updates and alerts, Walk-Thrus are used to confirm acceptance, reducing the opportunity to miss critical information.

“One of our financial services customers, like many others, had a compliance need,” said company CEO Asif Rehmani. “So they created a VisualSP Walk-Thru. The purpose of their Walk-Thru was to remind their employees that it was the last day to update their Compliance 11 tasks. The Walk-Thru bubble not only reminded them but also provided a link directly to the compliance center”.

VisualSP has helped over 1.5 million SharePoint users learn the content management system faster and more sustainably. The new Walk-Thru feature has helped to boost user adoption by over 30% and reduce task-related support tickets by as much as 28%, according to the company. Rehmani and his team believe the Walk-Thru makes the Help System more engaging for SharePoint users, adding additional value for administrators and enterprise teams.

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