Vision-Box Launches New On-the-move Facial Biometric Solution for Border Control and Passenger Identification

Deploying an integrated biometrically enhanced solution across the US with the new multifunction biometric totem for enrollment and identification will represent a huge boost in traveler experience and public safety.

The travel industry is changing as worldwide passenger volume increases significantly every year. Airports and airlines have realized they must adopt new strategies to proactively support capacity growth, as well as, lower operational costs, identify new revenue streams, and improve passenger flow for a seamless experience.

In parallel, law enforcement authorities are coping with the challenge of evolving security threats and must enhance national security, accurately identify individuals crossing borders, and protect a traveler’s identity. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is deploying new biometric technologies to verify the identity of travelers at both arrivals and departures. In coordination with other stakeholders, CBP is deploying capabilities to allow automated identity verification using standard traveler data and face biometric verification. These capabilities effectively allow the traveler to use only his or her face and eliminating the need for presenting boarding passes or secure documents during travel.

At the AFCEA 2017 Federal Identity Forum & Homeland Security in Washington, Vision-Box is launching the Seamless Totem™ – an industry game-changer, revolutionizing passenger experience, security and efficiency in operations.

A new multi-context biometric totem solution sets the basis for Seamless Travel, offering a quick enrollment & recognition modality to identify travelers. The Seamless Totem™ features new face detection capabilities to be used in a variety of contexts, from check-in, through border control, to boarding, and also usable at land borders or seaports.

Advancing the concept of the non-stop and contactless airport passenger journey, Vision-Box is presenting a new on-the-move, contactless, streamlined experience for travelers, which eliminates stops at control points, representing the next evolutionary step in the way citizens and passengers interact with travel stakeholders or the government.

The new traveler interaction points are self-service, with minimum size and…

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