Virtual Check Announces High Risk eCheck Payment Processing Solutions With Real-Time Verification

Virtual Check

Virtual Check, one of the fastest growing eCheck payments platform for online and recurring payments, announced today that it is launching a new real-time eCheck payment verification product, to enable merchants in need of a high-risk merchant account to accept eCheck payments securely over the phone or online in an easy way. Virtual Check is a new breed of payment product that uses CheXshield, the new standard in eCheck payment processing and check verification, to remove fraudulent Check transactions from bad check writers.

Virtual Check is designed specifically for the following industries:

1. Collections

2. Loan modifications

3. Credit repair

4. Multi-level marketing

5. Travel

6. Time share telemarketing

7. Merchant cash advance

Virtual Checks can be accepted online through a secure web portal or an online payments page. For high volume processing, Virtual Check can be bundled together in a batch file and securely transferred to for processing.

How Virtual Check will benefit your business:

  • Checks are deposited into a business’s bank account.
  • A business never has to see, touch or deposit a single check.
  • Checks are processed in real-time.
  • A fully featured, secure virtual terminal is included for manually processing checks.
  • Advanced integration and assistance is available on requests for business websites.

Who can use it?

Virtual Check is available to just about any type of US-based business looking to use a check by phone product, no matter how large or small their processing volumes are and can be used for payment towards any product or service.

How To Get Started With Virtual Check

1. Visit

2. Fill in the “Create Account” form

3. Submit your requirements to PayZang

4. Your account will be setup for processing within 24 hours.

A Great Deal for New Merchants: A new merchant can establish a payment processing history using Virtual Check. CheXshield’s proprietary internal analytics can help establish higher risk merchants retain banking relationships and allow business continuity from payments standpoint.

CheXshield Real-Time Check Verification

Virtual Check’s Real-Time Check Verification System, CheXshield validates…

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