Vinitaly International Academy Breaks Through into the ‘Forbidden City’ Proclaiming 9 New Italian Wine Ambassadors

Vinitaly International Academy breaks through into the ‘Forbidden City’ proclaiming 9 new Italian Wine Ambassadors

“Believe me, Ian is so lovely that you will forget your painful effort to study his book!” Xiaolu Zhou

Vinitaly International Academy (VIA) successfully launched its first ever Certification Course in Beijing, China. After a week of training followed by a final exam held on September 14th, VIA welcomed its 9 new Italian Wine Ambassadors (IWAs).

Representing the one and only opportunity for wine professionals to gain extensive knowledge on the vast subject of Italian grapes and wines, the Certification Course enables all professionals to speak of Italian wine in a unified and organized manner, with true in-depth knowledge. Five days of intense classroom lectures and wine tastings were conducted by Dr. Ian D’Agata, author of Native Wine Grapes of Italy (winner of the 2015 Louis Roederer International Wine Book Awards as Book of the Year). D’Agata has been running the course since 2015.

Candidates from all over China and neighboring countries took part in the course in order to leverage this opportunity of increasing their understanding of Italian wine. “I’m so honored to have taken this class and exam. VIA is a very special course that is building a totally new study system for Italian wine. It was very helpful and impressive!”, says Ning Yi, Chief Educator at Tasting Annex Wine & Spirits Consultants, and one of the new IWAs. Many participants were very passionate and enthusiastic about Dr. D’Agata’s unconventional way of teaching. Gengnan Yang, Wine Educator at Nanvilla Wine Culture Communication explains “Ian is the BEST and the TRUE Italian wine expert in the world, I feel so lucky to have him in this course… he is on fire!”. Xiaolu Zhou an experienced wine importer at Nanjing Sansotta International Trading also highlighted the exceptional experience. “Believe me, Ian is so lovely that you will forget your painful effort to study his book!”. David Xing, Wine Educator at Dragon Phoenix Wine Consulting jokes, “Don’t be fooled by his smily face, the exam will kill you.”

At the end of the course, VIA welcomed 9 new IWAs (See the entire list below), bringing the count for IWAs…

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