USA TODAY Sports’ Lindsay H. Jones looks at how the big offseason changes in the AFC South will affect the division’s 2017 NFL season.

Former NFL quarterback and college football phenom Vince Young, whose comeback with the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League was cut short this year when he suffered a torn hamstring, opened up to Sports Illustrated about the events that pushed him out of the league and to file for bankruptcy. In doing so, he ripped former Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher and current NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Young, now on the Roughriders’ retired list, blasted Fitzpatrick, who recently signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers despite being third in the league in interceptions with the New York Jets in 2016. Fitzpatrick has played for seven NFL teams.

“I’d see a quarterback and be like, ‘Dude is garbage, and I’m over here in the kitchen cooking turkey necks,’” Young told Sports Illustrated. “I hate to name-drop, but Fitzpatrick is still playing!? He leads the league in interceptions, and he’s still (expletive) getting paid? I mean what the (expletive) is going on?”

Young, who had a rocky relationship with Fisher during their time together on the Titans from 2006-10, tried to refrain from criticizing his former coach by noting, “I’m saving that for my book.” But Young went on to call Fisher “jealous” and “envious.”

Most notably, Young blamed Fisher for what he called “the suicide incident” in 2008, an event that he believed marred his reputation. After straining his MCL in his left knee in a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Young missed a medical exam and left his house carrying a gun; he was licensed and said he normally carried it with him.

Young was noticeably hurt after being booed by fans. His mother,…