Villas and other luxury residential security monitoring program design


  A door how to consider security


Senior residential community, is a complete security monitoring systems. Common sense tells us that the general residential building will have two doors, the face in two directions, then the installation of security equipment must first be two doors, reaching out to install. At the gate, first set the access control system, each district must be installed in access control lateral 45 degree install a surveillance camera shooting vehicular traffic figures. Install surveillance cameras at the gate the security measures necessary for each district, then how to choose the camera installation is an art. So, how to choose the right surveillance camera in the right place?


I suggested that the choice of HD camera to shoot. It is said that shooting the vehicle at the gate, past the vehicles are very close, do not need HD surveillance cameras. So in reality you? No, the door video surveillance, access of personnel and vehicles to monitor shooting, especially the shooting of the plate, which requires the back-end installation of intelligent analysis software, such as automatic license plate recognition. Intelligence analysis software to identify the time, must see very clearly, in order to identify accurately. Selection of high-definition for the entrance of the surveillance cameras is appropriate. Have many manufacturers can produce millions of high-definition 1080p resolution camera, the choice of HD, there are many brands of optional, contractors do not have to worry.


Camera choice, protective perimeter monitoring


Perimeter protection, due to the presence of by man-made environment. I think the choice of traditional burglar alarm and burglar alarm can not be fully qualified for the district. I believe that the choice of today´s new technology fiber optic perimeter protection system is the most reliable. It is due to fast transfer, concealment, false alarm rate in the industry began to emerge. But its disadvantage is…

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