Viewers waiting for BBC News at 10 left with ‘soft jazz’ for four minutes after technical system crashes

Viewers tuning in to the BBC’s News at 10 were left bemused as the programme suffered a technical malfunction.

BBC One’s audience was treated to the sound of jazz music while technicians struggled to get the programme back on the air for four minutes. 

Meanwhile, viewers on the BBC News channel were greeted by the sight of presenter Huw Edwards twiddling his thumbs and writing something on a piece of paper.

It prompted some people on Twitter to speculate about whether the end was nigh. 

Others praised Mr Edwards professionalism and speculated about what he was writing on the piece of paper during the wait. 

A BBC editor, Paul Royall, clarified the cause of the problem, saying technical systems crashed seconds before they were due to go on air.

He said the backup system was quickly deployed.

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