Video: This seal takes a ‘sealfie’ for an unsuspecting diver


This playful seal takes the best underwater selfies

When divers took a plunge off the Farne Islands in England, this overly friendly seal stole the show. “This particular seal was playing, nibbling on me, tugging my fins, rubbing himself on me for around 10 minutes,” said diver Dan Patterson. The playful pup was captured by underwater photographer Adam Hanlon.


Antifa used social media to track down and KO a neo-Nazi

A man in Seattle was punched in the face after he was spotted wearing a red swastika armband on a city bus. A network of anti-fascists, aka Antifa, used social media to share the man’s picture and location, which may have led to the confrontation downtown.


Cops catch burglar masturbating in someone else’s home

Police officers in Columbus, Ohio, were responding to reports about a possible break-in when they came across a man masturbating in a house where he didn’t live. Calvin Bishop Lynn was arrested and charged with burglary and public indecency for his lewd behavior. 


Brawl breaks out at Wal-Mart over line cutting

An alleged incident of line cutting led two families into a fistfight, with their children trying to break it up. The fight didn’t last long, as workers and other customers jumped into action.


Heart-stopping video of Ferris wheel rescue attempt gone wrong

When a carriage carrying two young boys on a Ferris wheel at a North Carolina fair began tilting outside of its normal range, workers shut the ride down and attempted to climb up on the ride to fix the issue. Unfortunately, one of the workers fell off, creating an even bigger problem than they originally faced.


This office worker cooked a full chicken meal at her desk

Sometimes it’s difficult to squeeze in lunch while at work, but this creative woman in Chengdu, China prepared a full chicken meal using only material around at her…

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