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What a accident. Thanks. A video no mom wants to see. A mom turns to the nanny cam and sees a 2-year-old being abused by the nurse they hired to care for him. Some of this video is graphic. Here is Marcy Gonzalez with the tale of the tape. Reporter: Helpless and screaming — the video allegedly shows 2-year-old Landon KO, repeatedly pinched, slapped, even hit with a rolled up magazine, by the nurse, his parents trusted to care for their special needs child. He was just being tortured. Reporter: His parents, more than an hour away at their oldest son’s basketball game, when his mom dyanna just happened to check their nanny-cam from her phone. We were like what do we do? What do we do? It was such a panic mode. Reporter: They called 911 and rushed home, horrified by the behavior toward their toddler who has rubenstien-tabi syndrome which causes developmental and physical delays. She’s been getting paid to provide care for our son who has these needs and she abused her power, she abused my son. Reporter: The nanny-cam still rolling as police arrested nurse Thelma manalastas. The KO family, now suing her, and the company she worked for. In a statement, maxim healthcare tells ABC news they investigated and fired manastas, adding — the care and safety of our patients is our highest priority. The KO family’s attorney offering this advice to other parents. Ask for a copy of the background check, a good idea to have a nannycam up as well. Reporter: The local prosecutor says manalastas is under investigation but charges have not been filed. Our calls to her for comment were not returned. Tom? That video, so tough to watch. All right, thank you.

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