Video Shows 2 Handcuffed Suspects Stealing State Trooper Car

Dashcam video emerged Wednesday of two handcuffed suspects allegedly stealing a Utah State Trooper’s vehicle near the Utah-Nevada state line July 30, according to Fox News affiliate KSTU

Tommy Rodriguez, 28, and Brandy Willes, 32, are reportedly being held in custody. The pair is expected to face several felony charges.

A trooper was called to the scene after the suspects were involved in a car accident, according to Utah-based Desert News. After running the license plates of Rodriguez and Willes’ Mazda, the officer discovered that the suspects’ vehicle was reported stolen.

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The suspects were handcuffed and placed in the state trooper’s cruiser. Rodriguez was put in the back, while Willes was positioned in the front passenger seat because there was not enough room for her to be seated in the back. The officer exited the vehicle but left the car running with air conditioning because of the summer heat. 

In the video footage obtained by the KSTU, Rodriguez and Willes can be heard plotting their escape moments after the trooper shut the vehicle’s door. Willes said “Ready?” to which Rodriguez responded, “Yeah.”

Willes moved to the driver’s seat and proceeded to drive off, saying, “F— you.” Rodriguez added, “He didn’t even notice.”

The trooper reportedly used a bystander’s vehicle to chase and catch the suspects. While the high-speed chase was brief, the suspects reportedly managed to hit a speed of 130 miles per hour.

The officer whose car was stolen left his vehicle and the suspects unattended only briefly to return to the crash. Trooper Evan Kirby told CBS News affiliate KUTV in July that the officer made the right decisions during the arrest.

“So he did what he should have, as far as putting handcuffs behind the back, but with temperatures getting near 100 in the desert, he really had to get them in the car where they could cooled off,” Kirby told KUTV. “Generally speaking, people aren’t able to get their hands up front and steal a car.”

Kirby added, “He had to keep the car running to keep the AC going and he had to go back to take care of the crash at the same time.”

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A representative of the Utah Highway Patrol department did not immediately return International Business Times’ request for comment.

Theft of a vehicle is considered to be a second-degree felony in Utah, according to Criminal Defense Lawyer’s website….

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