Video: Gucci wants women to wear bedazzled beards


Gucci wants women to wear bedazzled beards

Gucci debuted the “crystal beard” at Milan Fashion Week, as part of their 2018 Spring/Summer fashion line. The sparkly chin-strap was one of many head-scratching accessories seen on the Italian luxury brand’s catwalk, including sequined skullcaps and conical Chinese hats. In 2016, Gucci raked in more than $4 billion in revenue.


Speeding trains soaks commuters with muddy water

Heavy downpours caused flooding near Mumbai, which left the train tracks at a busy station covered in water. This caused a bad situation when a speeding train flew through the station, covering the waiting commuters with dirty water.


Woman horrified her cab driver was wearing nothing below the waist

A woman in China got into a cab and was shocked partway through her ride when she discovered that the driver wasn’t wearing any pants or underwear. Luckily, she made it home safely, where she reported the driver to the cab company.


Military trainee hilariously fails at the simple act of marching

A freshman university student in China, participating in military training, is becoming a viral sensation for his inability to march. For some reason, this young man seems unable to move his feet and arms independently of each other.


How many accents can this man nail?

Kai Rigby has traveled around the world, encountering a wide variety of accents along the way. Now, he can mimic just about any accent that people throw his way.


Hero cop saves grieving man from jumping out window

Officer Freddy Jimenez of Trenton, NJ, was visiting a man whose wife had recently died, when the situation almost turned even more tragic. The grieving man went into another room, where Jimenez found him dangling out of an eighth-story window. Luckily, Jimenez was able to pull the despondent man back inside.

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