“Vets Coaching Vets” CDR Coaches’ Certification Has Positive Impact

Vets Coaching Vets Workshop at LSVA

Our mission is to help veterans fast track their careers to success.

CDR Assessment Group, Inc. completed the first Veterans Career Coaches’ Certification Workshop as part of the “Vets Coaching Vets” initiative at the Combined Arms Center in Houston. CDR and Lone Star Veterans Association (LSVA) teamed to offer this session. Five veteran support groups had members attend this two-day workshop including: LSVA, Impact A Hero, VEL Institute, NextOp Veterans, and Academy Leadership.

Kevin Doffing, Executive Director of LSVA commented, “This was a great workshop experience. Wow! Everyone was blown away and really excited. I can’t thank you enough for your time and devotion to improving the lives of our members in the LSVA community. I hope you know that it has had an impact already.”

CDR’s President and architect of “Vets Coaching Vets,” Nancy Parsons explains, “Our mission is to help veterans quickly move onto career and educational tracks that are best matched to their own inherent capabilities and needs. Another benefit is that the veterans who are becoming certified coaches are enhancing their own entrepreneurial skill sets and menu of services.”

According to Parsons, “Many of the current career transition programs for veterans lack a scientifically validated assessment instrument that covers the breath and scope of the CDR Character, Risks for Derailment, and Drivers and Rewards tools used in this initiative. CDR Assessments dig deeper to reveal true talent and intrinsic motivators to an unmatched level.”

Jay Shaw a Veteran workshop participant from Impact a Hero said, “This has been an amazing experience. It has my wheels turning on how I can help…

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