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“Many of the people we’ve helped have said the convenience factor, alone, is worth every penny.”

Veterans and eligible family members of deceased veterans earn the right to apply for VA Home Loans. VA Home Loans help veterans and their families obtain loans at competitive interest rates for purchasing, building or refinancing a home, as well as home equity loans.

VA loans are provided by qualified private lenders and guaranteed by the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs, which means if a veteran homeowner is unable to make his or her mortgage payments, the VA will cover any losses the lender incurs. This bit of “insurance” makes banks more willing to loan money to veterans at lower interest rates, even to those who might not have perfect credit.

However, eligibility for a VA includes a COE (Certificate of Eligibility). In order to obtain a COE, discharged veterans of every branch (with the exception of the National Guard veterans who were never activated for federal service) must present a long form DD-214 that shows “character of service” and “reason for separation.” Non-activated National Guard veterans must provide an NGB-22 or an NGB-23 form.

In the event a veteran or eligible family member doesn’t have a DD-214 or either NGB forms, they can get them for free by applying for them by fax, mail or online through the National Archives. Of course, the National Archives website does advise that wait times vary and asks that applicants don’t send a follow-up request until 90 days have passed.

Therefore, if a veteran’s home closing is delayed due to a long turnaround for their DD-214, this could cost them in the form of a higher interest rate. was founded by veterans for veterans who don’t want to wait three months or longer for their discharge papers — risking those increased interest rates. DD214 Direct is not government affiliated, nor do they create documents. Rather, they leverage years of expertise and a profound understanding of the National Archive’s procedures to speed up the process of procuring military records. Besides DD-214s, they also retrieve:




NAVPERS 1070/615

NGB 23

Points Statements



Military Record Files

Medical Records

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