Veraction Launches Transportation Spend Intelligence Solutions to Provide Enhanced Visibility and Control of Transportation Spending

Veraction, the leading provider of Transportation Spend Management and Freight Audit services and technology announced the launch and general availability of its Transportation Spend Intelligence Insights and Variance Analysis solutions as part of its cloud based Total TSM℠ platform. The launch represents a major step forward for customers seeking to gain deeper visibility and control over their transportation spending by leveraging the freight and parcel audit process.

“TSI Insights and Variance Analysis solutions are unique in the industry and represent a game changing approach for managing transportation spend and extending traditional freight audit and payment,” said Chris Connell, CEO of Veraction. “Not only are these solutions able to provide enhanced visibility and visualization of transportation spending across modes, carriers, geographies or businesses to help understand performance but with TSI Variance Analysis, customers can precisely pinpoint where and why their spending is changing so they can take action.”

Vardu Parthasarathi, Product Manager for Transportation Spend Intelligence added, “In today’s environment, knowing ‘what happened’ is important but not enough. Customers need to know why they had positive or negative variance in their spending so they can quickly correct a problem or exploit an opportunity. Up until TSI, customers have had to dedicate significant resources and time on cost reduction analysis and KPI calculation. Our analytics solutions now deliver this in seconds and with mouse clicks instead of spreadsheets.”

Key highlights:

TSI Insights

Insights provides visualization of transportation spend data and KPIs to help customers understand their spending at a detailed level. Insights is available to all Veraction customers as part of the standard Total TSM and Freight Audit solution.

  • Enhanced visualization of transportation spend data, enabling validation of trends, spotting hidden patterns and detecting inconsistencies.
  • Powerful filtering capabilities including the ability to filter any data extension or data attribute being captured during the freight audit process or captured in a customer match file.
  • Geographical visualization and lane analysis including carrier services…

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