Various HPLC Systems from Buck Scientific

If you’re looking for High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Buck Scientific provides an array of systems. Their systems range from fully automated High Pressure Gradient Semi Preparative to simple fixed wavelength HPLC systems. Their HPLC systems are easy to maintain, upgradeable and modular. As a result, you spend less money when compared to other systems available on the market. The following are a few systems Buck Scientific provides:

DG-2410 Degasser – The DG-2410 Degasser will help you remove those irritating air bubbles out of the mobile phase.


BLC-20 Variable Wavelength Isocratic HPLC – The BLC-20G is described as the binary gradient version of Buck Scientific’s BLC-20 analytical HPLC systems. It also has variable wavelength detectors.


BLC-20HP High Pressure Isocratic system with variable W/L Det – The BLC-20HP High Pressure (6000 psi) Isocratic Liquid chromatograph has a variable W/L Detector.

BLC-20P HPLC isocratic semi-preparitive – Buck Scientific’s BLC-20P has an isocratic, semi-preparative HPLC system with variable wavelength detector.

BLC-10 Educational Fixed wavelength Isocratic HPLC package – The BLC-10 has a single wavelength isocratic HPLC system. The BLC-10 can be used along with a variety of basic chromatographic experiments when it’s used with the 254 nm UV absorbance


BuckChrom Software – Buck Scientific carries the BuckChrom Software for Buck HPLC systems.

Spark Holland Optimas HPLC Autosampler (84 position) – Buck Scientific carries the Spark Holland OPTIMAS 84 Position Autosampler.

Fraction Collector – Our Fraction Collector 116 tube has a capacity for 10 to 16 mm tubes.

Refractive Index Detector – You’ll find that the Knauer Refractive Index Detector to work smoothly with Buck Scientific’s HPLCs.

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