Vanity Number Simplest Yet Potent Business Promotion Tool

For business entrepreneurs with a keen vision on building up on a niche business is all about laying down an advertising strategy that will give them a competitive edge over their competitors. But the question how to accomplish this very easy sounding feat with minimalistic effort and in a short time frame?

The trick is to take advantage of latest advertising, business promotion tools and techniques which have been proven by research to be effective in brand building. One of these techniques which has become an integral part of successful business model portfolio’s is the use of vanity numbers to act as a potent  business promotion tool which brings in heaps of sales prospects and increases the profits three folds.

Vanity 800 numbers have become so important in the scheme of things of any small, medium or large scale business ventures that one cannot deny their efficacy when compared to other business promotion tools like advertising which by the way cost a hell lot more than getting a vanity number. The vanity number chosen for your business defines your brand’s genre so that people easily recognize the brand and also increase the chances of word of mouth advertising. Going for a vanity 800 number that has alphabetic codes that represent your business will have a direct response of customers as they will dial in the number for any queries or product information which increases the chances of getting new customers.

A simple example of business promotion through Vanity Numbers is by integrating the company’s phone number with the vanity number that is easily remember able by the clients like 1800-SKINCARE is instantly associated with a company that  sells skincare products or skin care services like facials. Now by substituting the alphabets with numbers the client will dial the number to get more information for the same that will hugely increase the prospects of sales. This as a strategy helps immensely in promoting the business as your business contact…

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