Validity Screening Solution’s CEO, Darren Dupriest, Sponsors “Night at the Museum” at The Museum at Prairiefire

In September, Validity Screening Solution’s President and CEO, Darren Dupriest, sponsored “Night at the Museum” at The Museum at Prairiefire. The Museum at Prairiefire’s vision to increase education and give children the opportunity to learn is a vision Darren wanted to be a part of and this event is an opportunity for the museum to showcase that vision.

The Museum at Prairiefire’s vision to educate and create opportunity starts with their program The Kansas City Urban Advantage. The Kansas City Urban Advantage is a program that sponsors 8 schools in the Kansas City area and creates the opportunity for children to come to the museum and engage with the exhibits. The program pays for the kids’ bussing, food, and creates a full day where they’re not just learning, but having fun doing so. The experience doesn’t just stop at the museum. After their day of fun, the teachers are given materials to create a curriculum for the children. The teachers take the materials and continue to educate the children long after their day of fun at the museum has ended.

Darren is a strong supporter of education and believes that if you give children the opportunity to learn and to grow, there’s no telling what they’re capable of. “Kids are like clay, they can be molded into anything, but they have to be molded into something positive. If not then the clay will just melt and go wherever it flows”, said Darren Dupriest.

Through The Kansas City Urban Advantage The Museum at Prairiefire is creating experiences for children. They’re giving them the opportunity to learn, grow, and a chance to be great. The schools and the teachers provide that opportunity every day, but getting behind an institution that helps to progress this is a passion President and CEO Darren Dupriest will always have.    

About Darren Dupriest

Darren Dupriest is the President & CEO of Validity Screening Solutions. After a stint with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, he joined a private Kansas City – based company for which he created a Background Screening Division. With the support of his wife, Noreen Dupriest, he acquired the business unit in 2004 and rebranded it as Validity Screening Solutions. While all of his success is impressive, they don’t come close to his top accomplishment which is his wife and…

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