Vail Musical Bear Break-In Underlines the Challenges Facing Today’s Security Professionals, says Spear Security Inc.

A more law-abiding, less musically inclined, member of the American black bear species.

Intruders and bad actors come in all shapes and sizes…and not all of them are members of the same species.

According to a June 7 article on Midland Daily News, a Vail woman assumed her home had been burglarized, only to find out, via security camera footage, that the unwanted visitor was not a human being, but a somewhat musically inclined black bear. The footage, which has gone viral on YouTube, also shows the bear leaning on a piano and briefly “playing” it. Denver based security specialists, Spear Security Inc., says that the incident illustrates the diverse nature of a security firm’s work. Intruders and bad actors come in all shapes and sizes, notes the firm, and not all of them are members of the same species.

The security firm notes that the residential and business properties it protects all have their own unique challenges faced by its team of highly trained and experienced security guards and courtesy patrol team members. For businesses in areas that are primarily urban, security threats typically come from would-be robbers, vandals, and other intruders who may have intentions that are far from laudable. However, for properties and events based in locales that may be exurban or somewhat rural, both human and nonhuman intruders can often be a real issue that trained security guards need to be on the lookout for, says Spear Security Inc.

The firm adds that it makes sure its team is aware of all aspects of a given setting, so that they are never caught completely by surprise when potentially untoward situations emerge. From noting potentially threatening outside visitors – whether possibly ill-intentioned or…

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