UW’s Jimmy Lake on Byron Murphy, Myles Bryant and freshmen defensive backs

Washington co-defensive coordinator Jimmy Lake met with the media after practice Tuesday. Here’s what he had to say:

(on being able to redshirt Byron Murphy last year) “Like I’ve told you guys, we would love to redshirt everybody. I think it’s the best thing ever. These guys get bigger, faster, strong. They learn the defense. They get in with Coach Socha — lock them in the weight room for a year. Then they come out like monsters. You would want to those guys to redshirt every single year. Now, certain years, because of necessity or because of talent, some guys will play. But if I’m coming in as a freshman, I would love to redshirt.”

(on Myles Bryant) “He’s an instinctive football player. That’s one of the reasons why we offered him coming out of high school. A lot of guys offered him – I think three or four Pac-12 teams. He’s an excellent football player. And he works even harder. … He works his tail off. So I’m very proud of him. Hey, we’ve all got room to get better, but for Game One I really loved him tape. He played outstanding.”

(After watching film, did it look like Rutgers was avoiding Jordan Miller?) “I wouldn’t say so, no. They were trying to pound the ball. They were trying to run the football. They tested him one time that I can remember off the top of my head (Miller broke up that pass). I don’t think they were avoiding him. I just think their game plan was to keep the ball in front of them, keep a tight score, which they did for the most part. Then we pulled away at the end.”

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(What most happy with after film?) “I was most happy with our effort — our effort and our toughness. Really thought the guys flew around and played physical. I thought we tackled extremely well, especially for an opening game. I really loved the way those guys competed.”

(What happened on the TD over freshman CB Keith Taylor?) “No, he did not get pushed down. He’s got to do a better job of keeping his feet. He was looking back at the ball, getting ready to play the ball. The receiver slowed down because it was an underthrown ball — it was a poorly thrown ball. And Keith’s legs hit the receiver’s legs, and he went down to the ground. Obviously, we’ve got to keep our feet right there and he’s got to go up and get that ball. But he’s going…

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