UW’s Jake Browning on Colorado win, run game, offensive line, Chico McClatcher

Browning on Huskies’ run game at Colorado: “I thought we started off running decent, and by the end of the game we were just gashing them.”

Here’s some of what Washington QB Jake Browning had to say in his availability with the local media after practice Tuesday:

(on reviewing win over Colorado) “I thought we ran the ball really well, converted when we needed to in the passing game. I thought it was kind of just run, run and then launching a lot of balls, so you’re passing percentage is going to be down. But I think we only completed 11 passes for about 160 yards, so I think we can do a little bit better there. But we were running the ball so well, and we didn’t even throw it once in the fourth quarter, I don’t think. So great job by the O-line. For me, it wasn’t a ton to watch.”

(What do you look for when watching film?) “How well I did my job. I thought I did my job well and graded out well. Passer rating and all that is not going to be very high when you don’t complete a high percentage and stuff like that, but we went there and played well in bad conditions and completed some balls, so I was pretty happy with how I played overall. Obviously, didn’t make a ton of mistakes. I’ve got to control the post safety on that one pick and some other little things, but overall I thought I played well.”

(on running game) “I thought we started off running decent, and by the end of the game we were just gashing them. Just continue to make strides there and that way no one can drop eight on us and no one can stack the box either, because we’ve got to stay pretty balanced.”

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(on O-line) “They played really well. Obviously, there’s always stuff to improve on, but they played really well.”

(Your second year working with center Coleman Shelton — how important is that relationship?) “I think it’s important. He’s really smart. He knows everything about all protections and all that. So if I know a guy’s coming I’ll say, ‘Hey, that guy’s coming,’ and (Shelton) will check everything to where that guy’s coming. I think he’s definitely a vocal leader as far as, he knows every position on the line, so he’ll tell everybody what to do.”

(on Chico McClatcher’s season-ending injury) “Obviously, we’re bummed for Chico. It’s a tough sport and…

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