UW’s Chris Petersen on Husky Olympics, freshmen, academics and more

Petersen after one week of camp: “Everyone can have a good first week, and should. It’s kind of when you move forward from there.”

Here’s everything Washington coach Chris Petersen said after Tuesday’s practice:

(How do you break up the monotony of camp?) “Husky Olympics! It’s all about the Husky Olympics. We have about eight things that we compete about. We have a bowling contest. They are in teams. Home Run Derby with tennis rackets and tennis balls in the stadium. Had the free throw shooting contest already, so the things are starting to shake out. The Husky Olympics are very important around here.”

(Is it similar to the Peach Bowl, where they had all those activities for you?) “Right. Except for this it’s teams and they are competing to win and have a presentation each night after an event. That is one thing that helps.”

(On having the food trucks out at Husky Stadium tonight) “That’s one thing that’s very important around here is food, for sure. So we make sure it’s as good as it can be with as much health as it can bring to it as well.”

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(Do you like the attitude, the work of the team after a week?) “Absolutely. But I think as we go forward from here we’re really interested in the next two weeks as a coaching staff. It’s one day at a time, it’s one meeting at a time. These next two weeks will be — I think everybody in America is going to go out and have a good first week. If you don’t you’ve got big issues. Everyone can have a good first week, and should. It’s kind of when you move forward from there.”

(What did you see from Sunday’s tape? First day in pads …) “The only thing that’s different when we go in pads is we’ll do a little cutting, a little more live. Other than that our practices seem very much the same all the time. They practice fast, they are trying to practice with great posture, they are imagining and visualizing things, so I kind of like it that it doesn’t feel that different when we put pads on.”

(Seems like over the years there a lot less emphasis on hitting, less contact during fall camp) “I don’t think we’re that much different than we’ve been the last few years. I don’t know what else is going on around the rest of the country but I think you can get better at tackling, you can get better at playing football by not having full, live contact all the time. I…

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