UW’s Chris Petersen on coaching effort, preparing for Colorado thunderstorm, Hunter Bryant and more

Washington coach Chris Petersen with the media after Thursday’s practice, his last availability before Saturday’s game at Colorado (7 p.m. PT, FS1). Here’s what he had to say:

(Any part of you that feels like the enemy on the road?) “No, I just hope our guys are prepared for that environment – the noise – so we work our tail off on it during the week. It is definitely a different feel than when you’re at home. The guys who have been around know that, especially going into a packed house and an energetic stadium. That is what college football is all about. It is nice when it’s on your side, but part of it … is you use it to your advantage, mentality-wise and it is good.”

(Worried about how young guys handle this environment?) “Well, we always do. We always talk about our energy level, whether we’re at practice and it’s too low or in a game where it’s too high. You just can’t play your best. So it is something we work on, it is something we talk about, it is something we focus on. The more we play, the better we get at it. We are in Game 4, so some of these youngsters have been around. Their anxiety level is going down.”

(on two young secondaries in UW and Colorado going at it) “Like I said, there is a lot of banked-reps that we are getting across the board, from the starters to the backups and all of that. Those guys we decided to play all have significant reps. It helps.”

(Thunderstorms in forecast — using wet footballs in practice this week?) You know it, you know it, you know it. We didn’t quite get the Dawg weather we wanted here, but we still had wet balls, for sure.

(On coaching and creating energy, effort) “Well, it has to come from the locker room, first and foremost, because every coach in America talks about it. But I always think what you emphasize, and you can only pick so many things that you can really emphasize. We are trying to be great at everything. And everything matters. But there are certain things that you really are going to focus on. That is one of the things we focus on quite hard. It has to come from some the guys that have been around here. The standards have been set before, even guys who have been here.”

(What was wrong with passing game last year vs. Colorado?) “I always say this – I don’t care where the yards come from. We’re trying to get points. And if we’ve got more points that our opponent, we’re good. Some days we’re…

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